Our Rigorous Review Process at BHPH Guides

At BHPH Guides, we are committed to ensuring that every dealership listed in our directory meets the highest standards of quality and service. Our thorough review process is designed to evaluate dealers on various critical parameters, ensuring they align with our values and customer service expectations.

Initial Screening

  • Comprehensive Background Checks: The process begins with an initial screening, led by our Director of Client Relations, Jessica Miller, and her team. They conduct comprehensive background checks on each dealership, including verifying licenses, checking financial stability, and reviewing legal compliance. This step ensures that only legitimate and reputable dealers are considered for our directory.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

  • In-Depth Analysis of Customer Reviews: We delve deep into customer reviews and ratings available online. Our team meticulously analyzes feedback from various platforms to gauge customer satisfaction levels, response times, and the quality of service provided by the dealerships. We believe that real customer experiences offer invaluable insights into a dealership’s performance.

Quality of Inventory

  • Assessment of Vehicle Quality: Our experts, including experienced advisors like Richard Thompson, inspect the quality of inventory offered by the dealerships. We look for a diverse range of well-maintained vehicles, ensuring that the dealerships provide options that cater to different needs and preferences of our users.

Financial Terms and Transparency

  • Evaluation of Financing Terms: A crucial part of our review process involves assessing the financing options available at each dealership. We prioritize dealerships that offer transparent and flexible financing terms, catering to customers with varied credit backgrounds. It's essential that the terms are clear, fair, and tailored to meet the diverse financial needs of our customers.

On-Site Visits

  • Personalized Dealer Assessments: Whenever possible, our team conducts on-site visits to get a first-hand experience of the dealerships' operations. This step allows us to interact with the staff, experience their customer service, and observe their business practices directly.

Continuous Monitoring

  • Ongoing Evaluation and Feedback: Once a dealership is listed in our directory, we continue to monitor its performance and customer feedback. Our commitment to quality is ongoing, and we ensure that our listed dealerships maintain the standards that earned them a spot in BHPH Guides.